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Mar 8, 2024
Downfall of this bank

None of their atm machines allow same day available cash deposits like big ch as in banks like key bank, us bank.

Mar 8, 2024
oGreat customer service!

I never had an issue since i decided to change from Chase to First Bank.

Mar 8, 2024
They have great service very time I go in

But the fact you can't get an actual person at the branch anymore when I call the branch phone numbers is bull. I work at a bank and it's not that difficult to answer the phone. This makes me want to switch banks all together since I no longer live close to a 1st bank, and can't even call and ask for an ATM limit raise.

Mar 8, 2024
Great customer service

I made an error in my mortgage payment and called the service center. I was quickly aided by a customer service rep by the name of Giftee. She was friendly, knowledgeable and quickly provided a solution to my problem. We switched banks and mortgage companies in January and we believe we made the right choice.

Mar 8, 2024
There are some things I like about First Bank

First is that their customer service is good and I like the transactional savings. I switched my accounts here due to my company having an account here. The worst experience I have had to date is that cash deposits remain pending like a check or other digital transaction. Other banks will post cash immediately because IT IS CASH. Also, the ATMs are not up to speed with other banks like Chase and WellsFargo.

Mar 8, 2024
I must say that I switched

this bank after leaving Chase and Wells Fargo due to their unfortunate behavior regarding the average customer; there I was treated like a number. I had anticipated that I would not have that experience with 1st Bank because they are a Colorado company. Unfortunately, I was wrong. I'm deeply disappointed by their "Free Checking" campaign - in my experience, their checking account is anything but free. I've been charged for neglecting to use the bill pay service and charged for my debit card (seriously? Didn't that policy end around 1996?). This is frustrating to a customer like me. I am a public school teacher, and those little charges of $5 and $10 amount to a lot. That is money I could be spending in my classroom, on my students, on children, and they are taking it away from me. My experience with FirstBank has been disappointing and sad. I will not recommend their services to anyone and I will be switching to a teacher-supportive credit union as soon as possible. I also want to express how unfair and misleading the "Free" checking campaign is. No part of their checking service is free. UPDATE: FirstBank contacted me within an hour of my original Facebook post. Thank you for the quick contact and resolution of my issues. My opinion has definitely improved! I look forward to seeing more improvement.

Mar 8, 2024
These guys are great

By far the BEST customer service I've ever encountered. You have the regular issues you would have with any bank but you get MUCH better, personalized, service. Lots of locations. I've had them for a checking a savings account for over 20 years and they're the greatest! Super easy website too.

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Bank gradeB
Avg. user rating3.43
Current top rate1.86% APY13 To 24 month CD

(918) 885-2161

Bank HQ: 117 N Price Ave, Hominy, Oklahoma 74035
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