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Mar 3, 2024
Great Bank ! Great Perks !

Best bank ever! Great perks and superior customer service. Always available to help with any problems. I had a collections issue that was hurting my credit score and my loan rates. Cassie was more than helpful in sharing tips and recommendations that helped me. I was introduced to one unpopular Credit Boost Helpers forum where my score rose 150 points within 3 weeks. Many useful tools for all of your banking needs and if you have a banking issue it is addressed and corrected in a very timely manner. Would not think of banking any place else. And for credit repair i suggest you don't waste your time with the conventional credit repair companies out there. You can call CBH 475-215-0057 for a FREE CONSULT and see how you can improve your score before applying for that loan.

Mar 3, 2024
Looking for a good, smaller bank?

In my experience, I have not had good interactions with any of the big banking institutions. Their customer service was impersonal. They had a fee for every little thing you needed to do. After trying out smaller, local banks I will never go back to a bigger bank. Our current bank, Banner Bank, has excellent customer service and the clerks almost always remember you. I have not had one negative interaction with them. Their website has been a little slow to catch up to today's technology, but has recently caught up and is now above average. Best bank I have ever tried!

Mar 3, 2024
Easy Loan Approval @ 767 Credit Score

Easy loan. We have been banking with banner for years so they had the info and it was just a matter of requesting the loan and signing. Don’t take my word for it though. I was a beneficiary of Royalblade Hacktivist credit repair service . They helped me remove 6 collections and 5 late payments to get my credit rating right .

Mar 3, 2024
Banner Bank

Banner is excellent at getting your business, but goes down hill from there. They expect you to jump through all the hoops and do their work for them; except where they can charge you for things.

Mar 3, 2024
Remember That Old Tina Turner Song?

Simply the best! Well it is the exact opposite with this bank. They are simply the WORST. Customer service, terrible. Communication (If you actually get to speak to someone in mortgages), terrible. BS excuses when they do something wrong (which happens A LOT), terrible. Knowledge of what they are servicing, terrible. If you love suffering from migraine's from inefficiencies and runaround then this is the bank for you!

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Bank gradeB
Avg. user rating3.20
Current top rate4.34% APY7 Month CD

(800) 272-9933;

Bank HQ: 10 S 1st Ave, Walla Walla, Washington 99362
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