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Feb 29, 2024
Ineffective, Passive-Aggressive, And Stone-Walling Customer Service

When I got my divorce, the car was adjudicated to me in the qualified domestic relations order. In the meantime, BOKF took over Mobank, the original lien holder (based in Missouri). I had moved to MN. When I went to the MN DMV to switch the title into my name alone and to change it to the state of MN, they would not issue the title, because the lien holder on record (Mobank) was not the same as that listed on the lien release (BOKF). The MN DMV wanted a document stating that the two were the same, if that was indeed the case. I thought, No problem. I called BOKF thinking this would be a quick and easy task. It was NOT. They demanded my ex-husband's account information, the last transaction he made, his ATM card number, etc. I said I am no longer on that account or in contact with my ex-husband, but they refused to accept that, and kept pressing me to "prove my identity." I explained to them that I didn't need anything private from them, simply a statement that they took over Mobank, for the purposes of getting the car title switched to my name only and issued by MN. They said they do not have such a document. They said it's a matter of public record, anyway, so the State of Minnesota should just look it up. I tried to explain to BOKF that I am not in a position to tell the State of Minnesota what to do. If this is such public information, I wonder why they can't provide it themselves? And to say that there is no such document is a lie, as I received that letter in the mail when the transition was made. Even if that particular letter does not currently exist, it would take five minutes to type one up and fax it to the MN DMV. Instead, they kept me on the phone for 45 minutes, trying to make me "prove you are who you say you are." And even though I had stated my question up front, they put me through this weird passive-aggressive exercise until I had satisfactorily "proved" myself to them. Then after all that, they still refused to provide the information. Finally, they said they would re-issue the lien with the Mobank letterhead. This is not what MN asked for. However, I was so frustrated by this time that I simply thanked them and hung up. I got the lien release in the mail just now. It is NOT printed with Mobank letterhead. It is still BOKF. Except now it says in big letters to issue the title to my ex-husband at his address in Kansas. Obviously BOKF is aware that this is my address since they sent the lien release to me here in MN. People get divorced and move all the time. This is not difficult to understand. My ex-husband, pursuant to the judge's order, has signed over the title. I only wish BOKF would cooperate. Furthermore, if they had no intention of doing the right thing, they should have simply said that at the beginning of the call. I would have hung up and pursued other routes of getting this resolved. Instead, I have now gone through that hour of excruciating frustration on the phone with them, only to wait weeks for a document that is worse than useless. My ex-husband and I took out a substantial loan that we paid off flawlessly and on-time. To be treated like this was shocking. If I could give this bank zero stars, I certainly would.

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Avg. user rating1.00
Current top rate5.00% APY10 Month Promo CD

(844) 517-3308

Bank HQ: 1 Williams Ctr, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74172
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