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Mar 3, 2024
Forgotten Their Identity : BEWARE

Fulton Bank was a wonderful customer and service oriented customer relationship driven bank When I first started with them. With their rush to grow by buying other banks, they have lost their identity. Customer service has become almost non existent. Local branch does not even answer the phone. Emails are not returned. Their BOSS business banking website reminds me of old MS DOS computer systems. Antiquated and clunky. With over a quarter of a million dollars in cash deposits in that bank, I am now treated as an unknown felon trying to pull a scam. I have have began the process of moving 6 accounts and all cash out of Fulton Bank and moving to Hebron Savings Bank where customer service and relationship banking governs their every interaction. I should have seen this coming when customer service at Fulton Bank began to decline and they stopped answering the phone, answering emails, and began to treat me like a total stranger. Loan offerings are laughable at over 2% higher than local competition. BEWARE ....

Mar 3, 2024
Business Service - Checking Account

I love Fulton Bank! I opened my checking account in the branch, the staff was phenomenal, professional, sweet, and very knowledgeable and answered my questions and concerns immediately. The process was easy, stress free, and quick! The mobile is really nice, easy to navigate and use. (It does need some work done on it because "Zelle" tends to have issues here and there.) - No problem though. The wait for customer service is pretty long which I don't like but there knowledgeable and professional and extremely helpful every time I call. I have the simple checking account and absolutely LOVE IT! I do not have to maintain a certain balance, no fees/monthly maintenance fees, and I can maintain rewards for the card when I shop and spend over $5.00 which, is GREAT! The locations are pretty convenient and I have been with them about 6 months and I only had 1-2 issues and they was resolved immediately no hesitation which I loved! Staff at the branch I use is very friendly, helpful, and really professional. I love banking with Fulton Bank! They've been so great to me and treated me so well which, I absolutely love and admire as a customer. Customer service remains a #1 priority and so far they've met that. I never encountered money issues, or rude staff since I've been with them. I do recommend them for people with bad credit, new people looking for a super easy and good bank account, and anyone who has a Fulton Bank branch near or in there area. Good bank!

Mar 3, 2024

The absolute worst customer service in the history of mankind! Ive never dealt with a company who does not even try to make their customers happy! Xiomara didnt even attempt to correct the issue I had. Talk about being arrogant! Im in disbelief on how horrible customer service is! PLEASE BANK WITH YOUR LOCAL CREDIT UNION!!! You will regret banking with Fulton bank well atleast the one located in Rosenhayn, NJ. Someone needs to teach their staff what customer service is because they obviously dont have a clue. PLEASE DO NOT BANK WITH FULTON BANK.

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Bank gradeB+
Avg. user rating2.80
Current top rate5.15% APY11 Month Promo New Money CD

(800) 385-8664

Bank HQ: 1 Penn Sq, Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17602
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