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Mar 12, 2024
Very Satisfied With One American Bank

I opened an account in December, 2017 and have been very satisfied with One American Bank. I have gotten the high interest rate promised based on meeting their reasonable requirements. I recommend them highly.

Mar 12, 2024
New Customer

Tammy is great there! The instructions to open are easy to follow and Tammy stays on top of it! Only requirement to have 12 debits at $5 each, eStatements and logging in is a breeze for 3.50%. So far I am pleased. Only drawback was that I cannot transfer funds from American One but I am able to transfer to from my other bank. Not a problem. Very professional!

Mar 12, 2024
In Person Only.

I contacted them about the 9 month CD. This was their response. "My name is Cade W. and I am responding to your online inquiry in regards to our Certificate of Deposit. Currently the only way to open these accounts are in Person and one of our South Dakota branches. If you do not live locally we hope to have an online account opening process ready to launch in the somewhat near future. If our rates continue to be awesome I would be happy to e-mail you when that time comes."

Mar 12, 2024
So Far, So Good !

I opened my Kasasa Checking account several months ago. Everything went smoothly, with no delays or issues. My only complaint is that they currently do not have a "Mobile Deposit" feature. It's difficult to use a non-local bank without the ability to make Mobile Deposits. I was told that a Mobile Deposit feature (an essential Mobile banking requirement for me) is supposed to be available on 5/1/2018, so I am waiting with anticipation. UPDATE: 7/2/2018. They did activate Mobile Deposits in May as promised. and everything has been running smoothly. The only odd thing is they close their monthly cycles on the 3rd Thursday of the month ?? This results in wide varying number of days in the monthly cycles, so the monthly interest paid can have some wide swings.

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Bank gradeB
Avg. user rating4.50
Current top rate5.51% APY6 Month CD

(605) 334-2400

Bank HQ: 549 Broadway St, Centerville, South Dakota 57014
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