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Mar 3, 2024

This bank REFUSES to credit direct deposits before a holiday. Horrible business practices. I'm closing this account asap.

Mar 3, 2024
Banking with Seacoast

I banked at Seacoast Bank before I moved from the town I lived in. In the area of the state I lived, the bank only had two branches. I really liked the personal feel of the bank. Because it was a small bank, I didn't feel as if the person was treating me as just a number for their monthly goals. I feel like they valued me more because they were competing with the bigger banks, and they needed my deposits more. I had a savings and checking account with the bank. The checking account was free, but at one point they changed their system and started charging a fee. The only way to get around this, was to open a savings account. Because I liked the bank and the people there, I decided to move my savings account to the bank. The interest rates were competitive as well as the auto loan. I don't believe they offered much in terms of IRAs and investment accounts. They referred that to a private group.

Mar 3, 2024
Great Service

I'm the treasurer for a small non-profit. They treat us like we are a big corporation. No fee checking from day one even when we opened our account with a few hundred dollars. Our accounts have grown as our non-profit had expanded. Always smiling faces, always remember us. They are very active in the local Chamber of Commerce.

Mar 3, 2024
I Can Not Recommend Seacoast National Bank For Loans!!!

At first everything was yes, yes, yes, then once they got me in, and the loan process started the contacts over there have since become hard to get a hold of and started taking forever to return phone calls or return emails. I have on separate occasions emailed asking specific questions and were replied with generic information and not answering the questions I needed answered. At times they have taken days to get back to me with time sensitive information. I'm in the last stages of the loan process and they decided to back to me after 5:00 on a Friday on a holiday weekend, and that is why I would not recommend them for a loan. I wish I could have a better report.

Mar 3, 2024
'It's Not Our Responsibility To Tell You Your Account Balance"

"You should know what you make and what you have in your account"- this is what I was told when I called about an overdraft of $600 to my account. Even though I called not only the after hours on call system, but the actual bank and spoke to a representative. Their banking system doesn't actually keep track of your account balance, and so you will never know how much is actually in your account. I made an account to run idly for a while with $5+ base, 6 months later I recieve a letter stating I have an "outstanding overdraft of $0.75 and the account will be closed". They don't actually keep accurate track of your balances and will charge you fee after fee for nothing. I haven't called them yet about it because I know I'll be met with attitude and blame shifting. Absolutely horrible business module. Their paper policies are trash. Their customer representatives are incredibly rude and narcissistic about their faulty banking opperations and blame you for their errors. This is a very bad bank and I resent them for buying out a perfectly normal bank.

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Bank gradeA
Avg. user rating2.60
Current top rate5.05% APY3 Month CD

(866) 710-5778

Bank HQ: 815 Colorado Ave, Stuart, Florida 34994
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