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Mar 1, 2024
Poor Service

Though they take care of elderly clients (they have a contract with social security) they do not protect them and constantly allow for abuse

Mar 1, 2024
Garbage And Parasitic Company

Both my child support and my son's ssi go into accounts by this company. I have been charged atm fees from co america at my moneypass atm consistently and it never says that it will on the atm screen. And, after winding my way through their ridiculous labyrinth of customer service menu, they never have an answer. Its been since last summer and they have yet to reemburse me. Now, I'm being charged nsf fees, which they didn't do before. The joke of an app says there's a bug so I can't use that. You get charged fees for calling customer service as well. My solution to this incompetance and outright thievery is to remove my money from this bank and get direct deposit into my local bank. I remember being told I would never be charged a fee on my child support account as long as I used atms in Illinois. Untrue. I hope you get replaced by a better bank asap.

Mar 1, 2024
Worst Customer Service EVER

They overcharged me for overdraft fess — first time ever — and even though I posted more funds into my account, they charged me for an additional 4 - $38 fees - based on nothing more than post dated information. There was NO MANAGMENT staff to speak to — the bank was left while the manager went on vacation with NO ONE TO MAKE decisions. I was then told to go to the “RESOLUTION”” line at Comerica Corporate - which turned out to be NONEXISTENT - they have given me the phone number to in-house technical support. They stole money from me. They will steal money from you. They do not send out statements - instead they CHARGE YOU to go online and see your information — in the age of data, they charge you to look at your account online ... Really? I thought I wanted a small local bank to run my business out of. Instead I got a small - understaffed, uninformed, useless bank that charges incredible fees for doing little to nothing.

Bank details
Bank gradeB
Avg. user rating1.91
Current top rate5.00% APY180 Day Fixed-Rate CD

(800) 266-3742

Bank HQ: 1717 Main St, Dallas, Texas 75201
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