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Mar 1, 2024
Poor Service

Though they take care of elderly clients (they have a contract with social security) they do not protect them and constantly allow for abuse

Mar 1, 2024
Reasonable expectations, excellent service

I selected Comerica because I live in Michigan and it was founded in this state. I think it's important to support local businesses, and even though Comerica is no longer headquartered in Michigan, they still do a lot of business here and I wanted to make sure I kept my money local. I opened up a checking account at my nearest Comerica in 2005, when I was 18. It was my first bank account and I was not sure what to expect. So far, they have not disappointed me. I have never encountered any of the random fees some of my friends complain about. They do charge a $6 monthly fee if you have a very low balance or don't deposit a certain amount of money every month, but my checking account is actively used, so I do not have to deal with any fees like that and I have no issues there. What has impressed me the most, however, is how they deal with potential fraud and abuse. Twice in the past 10 years, they have mailed me to let me know that my card may have been compromised and sent me a new one free of charge. Once was after I lost my ATM card, but had not yet reported the loss. I don't even know what triggered the warning because no one had accessed my money that I knew of, but I was very grateful they were looking out for me and making sure my money was safe. Because of this, I will be a Comerica customer for life.

Mar 1, 2024
Great Bank

I opened a small business checking account with Comerica back in 2008. Although I do not maintain a large balance, the account is free, except for purchasing checks. On one occasion they did erroneously debit my account, but they corrected it very quickly when I brought it to their attention. The branch representative in West Hollywood was outstanding. The epitome of customer service. They do charge for on-line bill pay, so unless you pay lots of bills it's a feature that's not worthwhile ($6.95).

Mar 1, 2024
Lack Of Honesty

23 minute wait time to start. I was told one story for the fee by the first person which I explained could not be true and why and the woman did not know what to say and put me on hold. The next woman gave me a different story and I again took that story apart and she basically said to bad. She put me on hold again and called my banking center who then refunded the fee. Then she told me NOT TO CALL customer service but to call the bank directly. If they do not want customers to call what is their purpose in existing? What makes this worse is they had no reason to charge the fee and where just hoping I would not notice or not care enough to bother or maybe if I did call they could lie to me enough that I would just quit. Overall 50 minutes on the phone.

Mar 1, 2024
Complete DISREGARD For The Customer. Caveat Emptor! ??

In early January 2024, in good-faith, opened, an account at this banking institution. Deposited $3500.00. $3K in a check and $500.00 in cash; no hold! ?? FAST FORWARD! Deposited another $3K in a check and $500.00 in cash; not at the branch where the account was opened; another. A hold was placed on the check and cash for 9-business-days; EXCESSIVE in 2024. NOTE: yes. The account is new; however, I contacted the local Credit Union where the funds were drawn from, and was informed, the check cleared; within 72 hrs.. I waited an additional 2-business-days and implored the Branch Manager to release the hold; REQUEST DENIED! ?? This bank requires its Depositors to, on-a-daily-basis, maintain a minimum of $1K in order to not be charged their absorbent fees of $14.00/month. RIDICULOUS! ?? I acquiesced to the high-fees under the impression that I would receive 1st Rate service; ha! ???? The jokes on me! It is the 9th-day and funds are still not released. ComErica is most certainly using my funds to pay their bills and prop up its stock. Yes. At my expense; DESPICABLE! ?? In just under five (5) weeks, I'm closing the account as soon as funds are released! Good-riddance. I do NOT recommend this bank; NOT at all! PLEASE do your research; thoroughly! Invest time in due-diligence; business with any bank or credit union that handles your hard-earned monie is serious business! You have been forewarned??

Mar 1, 2024
Garbage And Parasitic Company

Both my child support and my son's ssi go into accounts by this company. I have been charged atm fees from co america at my moneypass atm consistently and it never says that it will on the atm screen. And, after winding my way through their ridiculous labyrinth of customer service menu, they never have an answer. Its been since last summer and they have yet to reemburse me. Now, I'm being charged nsf fees, which they didn't do before. The joke of an app says there's a bug so I can't use that. You get charged fees for calling customer service as well. My solution to this incompetance and outright thievery is to remove my money from this bank and get direct deposit into my local bank. I remember being told I would never be charged a fee on my child support account as long as I used atms in Illinois. Untrue. I hope you get replaced by a better bank asap.

Mar 1, 2024
Very Crooked Bank

This bank will violate the law by freezing exempt funds even way over and above an illegal judgment in violation of both federal and state statutes. They will be your credit card lawyers best friend! Do NOT trust these people with your money especially if you’re a disabled senior.

Mar 1, 2024
Cascading Fees Even AFTER Settling A Class Action Suit

The online banking is not reliable. I check my balance daily because this has happened so many times. Login, look at account page. At the top it says pending transaction ARE reflected in balance. But this does not include overdraft fees. So basically you don't KNOW you need to move money into the account. So off you go thinking you are in the black, using your debit card, but then fees post and ANOTHER round of overdraft fees is added in. They will not link to another Comerica account for overdraft protection, they only offer a credit card with Comerica and that has already settled a class action suit.

Mar 1, 2024
Bad Bad Bad Customer Service

I've been trying for 3 weeks to close out my parents accounts with NO help from this bank. I was the power of attorney, the beneficiary, the executor and still I can't do anything AND they've froze the account. I'm so over this company it's not even funny. I don't even know what to do anymore, they made a living will and a will so I wouldn't have any issues. It's shameful how they have treated me all because my parents have passed.

Mar 1, 2024
Customer User Friendlyness

This bank takes unfriendlyness to a new low. Their policy of pushing one for english has been surpassed by their call in number for account information. Built by some geek, constant asking over and over the same questions are NOT for customer user ease, they are to frustrate users . This bank should be boycotted until they change. I wish I could give then 1/2 star

Mar 1, 2024
Worst Customer Service EVER

They overcharged me for overdraft fess — first time ever — and even though I posted more funds into my account, they charged me for an additional 4 - $38 fees - based on nothing more than post dated information. There was NO MANAGMENT staff to speak to — the bank was left while the manager went on vacation with NO ONE TO MAKE decisions. I was then told to go to the “RESOLUTION”” line at Comerica Corporate - which turned out to be NONEXISTENT - they have given me the phone number to in-house technical support. They stole money from me. They will steal money from you. They do not send out statements - instead they CHARGE YOU to go online and see your information — in the age of data, they charge you to look at your account online ... Really? I thought I wanted a small local bank to run my business out of. Instead I got a small - understaffed, uninformed, useless bank that charges incredible fees for doing little to nothing.

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Avg. user rating1.91
Current top rate4.75% APY180 Day Fixed-Rate CD

(800) 266-3742

Bank HQ: 1717 Main St, Dallas, Texas 75201
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