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Mar 2, 2024
Horrable Bank Wish It Was Better

i got a 200 dollar rebate check from capitalone ,, i went to the gresham eastman parkway branch to cash the rebate check ,, i had a key bank account there over 15 years ,,and a big direct deposit once a month ,, i go there the branch wanted me to deposit the check then take out the cash , i asked why i had over 2000 dollars in the bank , i said nope , then walked out of the branch , then i called the key bank toll free number and complained about the branch and the branch manager which is a little rude dealing with him in the pas called me ,, i tryed asking why cant i cash the the rebate check which is a repitual company , under certin circanstances i could ,, i was a little upset ,,the manager rudley said if raise your voice i will close out your checking account with key iam a adult not a kid, i had enough with key

Mar 2, 2024
Keybank Is Disgusting

Did a mobile upload with life insurance check ( was not alot) and these scumbags said it would be available the next DAY NOT BUSINESS DAY ( deposit was made on Friday.. then deciided to hold the funds to Friday the 22nd.. when i called them to question it they told me they want to make sure the payer has enough funds to cover the small check.. .. LMAO it is a well know insurance company.. keybank sucks

Mar 2, 2024
Review as a New Customer

I am a new customer of Key, and have had nothing but good experience. My boyfriend and I have a joint account, and our experience has always been pleasant customer service. If there is a question, the staff is always courteous, prompt, and friendly and does what it takes to search for an answer if they don't happen to have one and come up with a solution. Our account is small but we are also never looked down upon at all as well. I would also have no problems recommending Key to anyone, and if one is re-starting like we have been after the economy collapse, plus life-situations that brought financial ruin, I would especially recommend them as they are also very encouraging, knowledgeable, and willing to come up with, and give suggestions if need be.

Bank details
Bank gradeB+
Avg. user rating1.73
Current top rate5.00% APY9 Months Term CD

(800) 539-2968

Bank HQ: 127 Public Sq, Cleveland, Ohio 44114
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