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Mar 2, 2024
Not Trustworthy Bank!

Dishonest, not trustworthy bank! Do not be a client with this bank!

Mar 2, 2024
They Are Not Reliable.Bait And Switch

They make all kinds of excuses not to abide by their ads,so that they do not have to pay opening account bonuses.

Mar 2, 2024
Thieves, Thieves, Thieves

Thieves. You're really going to keep my $7k+ for 7 days? Who does that. Thieves, that who. Next time somebody deposits a check, please let them know you will be holding it hostage for 1 week so they don't use that money. Especially right before Thanksgiving.

Arthur Diamond
Mar 2, 2024
No Security Worth Having

Key left us just plain sad. We thought they'd be a wide reaching and secure bank for our remote are of new york state. They certainly have lovely staff. But when push came to shove and we needed protection from a scam, they threw us under the bus so quick it made our heads spin. And to boot, they tried to blame us and confuse us in the process. We got scammed in Mexico. It was one charge and we caught it right away. But their routine at Key is to pretend to listen and then stick you with the bill. They don't really have security, they just want you to think and spend like you do. We say steer clear. Just go to a big bank in a larger city. You'll get better everything and less disappointment.

Mar 2, 2024
Horrable Bank Wish It Was Better

i got a 200 dollar rebate check from capitalone ,, i went to the gresham eastman parkway branch to cash the rebate check ,, i had a key bank account there over 15 years ,,and a big direct deposit once a month ,, i go there the branch wanted me to deposit the check then take out the cash , i asked why i had over 2000 dollars in the bank , i said nope , then walked out of the branch , then i called the key bank toll free number and complained about the branch and the branch manager which is a little rude dealing with him in the pas called me ,, i tryed asking why cant i cash the the rebate check which is a repitual company , under certin circanstances i could ,, i was a little upset ,,the manager rudley said if raise your voice i will close out your checking account with key iam a adult not a kid, i had enough with key

Mar 2, 2024
Solid Bank

The best bank we've ever had. Excellent communication and service at our local branch. They used to be on the low end of interest paid on CD's and savings. Since the banking crises they are offering very attractive rates. Highly recommend!

Mar 2, 2024
Best Bank

I am so happy with this bank. I never have to worry about overdrafting and my account is completely free. The only downside is there is only one branch and atm in the city I live in that are both 45 minutes away from me. The staff have been so kind and helpful in person as well as over the phone.

Mar 2, 2024
Keybank Is Disgusting

Did a mobile upload with life insurance check ( was not alot) and these scumbags said it would be available the next DAY NOT BUSINESS DAY ( deposit was made on Friday.. then deciided to hold the funds to Friday the 22nd.. when i called them to question it they told me they want to make sure the payer has enough funds to cover the small check.. .. LMAO it is a well know insurance company.. keybank sucks

Mar 2, 2024
Can’T Be Trusted

Opened up a checking account because keybank was offering a $200 bonus if I deposited $500 within the first 60 days. I made a deposit of $375 on Wednesday and another of $125 on Friday…$500 right! Keybank told me I didn’t qualify for the bonus because the $500 deposit wasn’t made all at once?! Closed my account on the spot! Avoid this bank if you value your time and money.

Mar 2, 2024
Horrible So Called Bank

This isnt a bank its a place that takes your money and keeps it hostage. Only was with them for a month and they froze my account without even telling me and the bills i paid they stopped the payments and i got charged late fees and the so called bank never refunded anything that i got charged for.When i finally got a hold of someone to find out why my account had been locked/frozen they told me they suspected fraud.So i went to the local branch and we went over everything they suspected fraud with. They came up with six withdraws of fraud.I had to write down and explain what every withdraw was for and heres the kicker.They made me go get it notarized in which i was charged 5.00 for that.Days go by and didnt hear nothing so i called and was told that they wanted to see my truck loan statement from my other bank.I told them to shove there account up there a**.Its been over two months now and i still didnt recieve a check for whats in my frozen/locked/closed account.Called this morning and was told i should recieve a check in 10 to 15 business days.I also asked about my zelle account.It needs to be closed on there side so i can use it with my new bank account.There response to that was i must go into there branch to have it done.No one should have to go out of there way for there own money.This bank put me through the ringer the last two months not to mention i had to rush around for another bank because my direct deposit from my job was gonna be denied from the frozen/locked account.Did i mention there was never any fraud found anywhere in my account.If this bank gotta worry about fraud that much and dont have a security to catch it then they shouldnt be in business.I live paycheck to paycheck like most people and we shouldnt have to worry about where our money is going.

Mar 2, 2024
Review as a New Customer

I am a new customer of Key, and have had nothing but good experience. My boyfriend and I have a joint account, and our experience has always been pleasant customer service. If there is a question, the staff is always courteous, prompt, and friendly and does what it takes to search for an answer if they don't happen to have one and come up with a solution. Our account is small but we are also never looked down upon at all as well. I would also have no problems recommending Key to anyone, and if one is re-starting like we have been after the economy collapse, plus life-situations that brought financial ruin, I would especially recommend them as they are also very encouraging, knowledgeable, and willing to come up with, and give suggestions if need be.

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Bank gradeB+
Avg. user rating1.73
Current top rate5.00% APY9 Months Term CD

(800) 539-2968

Bank HQ: 127 Public Sq, Cleveland, Ohio 44114
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