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Mar 3, 2024
Not Ocean First But Fee First

They are a rip off. They will fee you to death. BEWARE

Mar 3, 2024
Horrible Bank

Terrible bank. Every single time I go there for some kind of transaction, no matter what kind, they always tell me it can't be done. They're always saying "the rules have changed". This bank makes everything harder for their customers, instead of easier. It's no longer convenient. They are no longer interested in average individual account. holders. They've gone commercial and want big money only. It's OceanFirst, people second. They're showing all the earmarks of overextending & appear to be in trouble by closing branches & forcing people to bank by ATM or video teller machines (which no one uses). The employees all have long faces & are unhappy. When I make comments about it being more difficult & not convenient, the employees all agree with me & tell me they're not happy with the changes either. I've slowly been moving all my accounts out of there to other institutions. Only 2 more accounts left to move.

Mar 3, 2024
Awful Experience

If there was less than one star I would give it. 40 minutes on phone to address an online access issue to know avail, just to get hung up on. Customer service person i spoke to was totally clue less. Have had a business account with OF for several years. That will end tomorrow.

Mar 3, 2024
Disrespectful Unhelpful Treatment

Deposited checks with an out of state address but with my name on them. Got a call from fraud department saying there was discrepancies with the checks. Went to the branch office the next day. Delt with the same unhelpful,unknowing ignorant person that i have to go through every time I have a problem with my account. She told me AGAIN that she couldn’t help me resolve my situation and basically accused me and my company of being fraudulent and issuing illegal checks. I’m seriously insulted both to the inetergrity of my self and the company I work for. We were basically called thieves by your “customer assistance “ personal.

Mar 3, 2024
Poor Local Management

Went to the Maple Shade bank to make a deposit. Of course you can't go inside and that's frustrating enough. There are two drive-thru lanes and both were marked open. There were a few cars and one lane seemed to have someone working on the machine so I chose the other. When I got to the machine there was a message that it was out of order. i drove away and came back a half hour later. Both lanes were "open" but neither worked. I have had issues with the incompetence of this branch before and they have increased their fees. I will definitely change banks.

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Bank gradeB+
Avg. user rating1.00
Current top rate5.25% APY6 Month Promo CD

(888) 623-2698

Bank HQ: 975 Hooper Ave, Toms River, New Jersey 08753
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