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Mar 2, 2024
Yeah I Don't Know

Rate seems among the better but between the chat and calling in to find out, I was told there are no external transfers out of your deposited money for 90 days, and that the only access would be through an ATM with a limit of $1,000/day. With a 6 transaction limit per month, that's a limit of $6,000 per month you could access of your money if you go to the ATM for 6 separate days. After 90 days, $25K per day limit, but it seems like your money would be tied up for the first month and a half just FYI.

Mar 2, 2024
B. A. D.

Don’t do it. It’s a NIGHTMARE. Once they get your money……they will make your life miserable trying to get it out. They’ll claim you’re not correctly following their “instructions & will NEVER communicate with you about ANYTHING. Biggest mistake of my life. Closed both accounts today.

Mar 2, 2024
Really Hard To Access Account, No Working Phone

I just opened an account with them and regret it so much already. The company advertises a non-working phone number, which I take to mean that they are a bank with no phone number. Only way to get in touch is to email them, and they took two days to respond. I wasn't provided my account number during the opening process, yet the account number is required for online registration. They eventually provided me access to the number after I emailed them. But I still don't have access because after registering for the account, I couldn't log in because they required a phone number for 2 factor authentication....if this is a requirement, ask your customer for a phone number at some point during the account opening or online registration process! I'm convinced they are doing this to intentionally make it difficult to access funds. They also restrict online transfers for the first 30 days or more since you opened the account. And guess what? You have to contact them after that thirty days to enable those transfers....I have a feeling like that is a request that will take longer than 2 days to actually be fulfilled. In short, this is not worth the extra bit of interest - open an account with a competent, honest, reputable bank, NOT QUONTIC.

Bank details
Bank gradeC+
Avg. user rating1.82
Current top rate5.05% APY6 Month CD

(800) 908-6600

Bank HQ: 3105 Broadway, Astoria, New York 11106
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