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Mar 2, 2024
Demand Account

I found Quontic High Interest Checking when I was looking for somewhere paying acceptable interest during the pandemic. The customer service is very patient and helpful. There is a daily withdrawal/spending limit of $2000 the bank will not budge on. Customer service will call when they have a question or if anything looks suspicious. I don’t do checking accounts very much these days. My account over there does large deposits and funds CDs seeing large in and out activity which the bank seems OK with. I will be keeping my Quontic checking account open for the foreseeable future.

Mar 2, 2024
Yeah I Don't Know

Rate seems among the better but between the chat and calling in to find out, I was told there are no external transfers out of your deposited money for 90 days, and that the only access would be through an ATM with a limit of $1,000/day. With a 6 transaction limit per month, that's a limit of $6,000 per month you could access of your money if you go to the ATM for 6 separate days. After 90 days, $25K per day limit, but it seems like your money would be tied up for the first month and a half just FYI.

Mar 2, 2024
Worst Bank Ever (Too Much Security)

I love a secure bank, but there comes a point when the security gets obnoxious, and Quontic has passed that threshold. First, to log onto the online banking on your computer you MUST have your phone to receive a code every time. Second, their app does not permit biometric log-ins. Third, they only just now "approved" putting full account numbers on online banking, but they happily will send it to you in the mail on a statement, which is illogical. Fourth, they randomly decline many online debit card transactions with no explanation at all. While I love the cash back, Quontic has worn out its welcome with me. Back to my old Ally account I go!

Mar 2, 2024
Good Luck Getting Funds In Or Out Of This Bank

Quontic's ACH limits are $2000 inbound or outbound. I was told that if I wanted to move funds into my Quontic account, I should initiate it through another bank. Sorry, but I'll find a bank with realistic ACH limits. As a side note, one rep told me that if I initiate an incoming ACH transfer through Quontic that there is no limit. Another rep corrected that statement and told me $2000.

Mar 2, 2024
B. A. D.

Don’t do it. It’s a NIGHTMARE. Once they get your money……they will make your life miserable trying to get it out. They’ll claim you’re not correctly following their “instructions & will NEVER communicate with you about ANYTHING. Biggest mistake of my life. Closed both accounts today.

Mar 2, 2024
Astonishing. Still In Disbelief.

STAY AWAY ! They closed my accounts with no warning. After multiple successful direct deposits and mobile checks deposits, they claimed one of the three checks I deposited a few days ago was fake. Not sure why. They won't say why. It was a legit payroll check.They actually accepted the other 2 checks. Same exact payroll company, same everything. But get this. Instead of reaching out, or rejecting the deposit, they simply closed all my accounts and cutoff all access to my funds. I can't even look at my account info online. No warning. And even after many calls back ad forward, they now understand it's not my fault and that there was no intention to defraud. Yet they are still closing my accounts and refusing to even let me look at balances, etc... They are sending me a check (yes, really) for the balance of my accounts. Will not tell me how much. This is absolutely insane. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM. YOU WILL REGRET IT.

Mar 2, 2024
Do Not Open An Account At Quontic Bank. It Takes Your Money Hostage.

Warning: Do not open an account at Quontic Bank. They will take your money hostage when it comes time to close the account. I had a savings account at Quontic Bank for two years and when I decided to close the account, the staff at Quontic Bank, shamelessly, made me go through all kinds of hurdles to get my money back. It was an incredulous and extremely upsetting experience. By the time I, finally, got my money back, three weeks had ellapsed. Quontic Bank is a crooked bank with a personnel that is immoral and unscrupulous.

Mar 2, 2024
Refi Blues

After weeks of complying with Quontic's requests and submitting everything in a timely manner for a refi, and receiving conditional approval with no follow-up for weeks from the unprofessional loan officer, Zarema, upon contacting their team regarding the status and next steps, I was informed by Abdul Rehman the refi program no longer exists, without any further explanation. Mind you, I had been working with them for approximately a month, and no one contacted me as a courtesy to let me know the program was no longer active! How rude and unprofessional... never again!

Mar 2, 2024
Really Hard To Access Account, No Working Phone

I just opened an account with them and regret it so much already. The company advertises a non-working phone number, which I take to mean that they are a bank with no phone number. Only way to get in touch is to email them, and they took two days to respond. I wasn't provided my account number during the opening process, yet the account number is required for online registration. They eventually provided me access to the number after I emailed them. But I still don't have access because after registering for the account, I couldn't log in because they required a phone number for 2 factor authentication....if this is a requirement, ask your customer for a phone number at some point during the account opening or online registration process! I'm convinced they are doing this to intentionally make it difficult to access funds. They also restrict online transfers for the first 30 days or more since you opened the account. And guess what? You have to contact them after that thirty days to enable those transfers....I have a feeling like that is a request that will take longer than 2 days to actually be fulfilled. In short, this is not worth the extra bit of interest - open an account with a competent, honest, reputable bank, NOT QUONTIC.

Mar 2, 2024
Do Not Open A CD Account With Quontic

My 1 year CD Matured on 7/9/22. It auto rolled at .75%. Many other banks are offering 2%. I want to withdraw my money. on 7/11/22 I spent 32 minutes on the phone to finally hear the complicated process to get my money. I also tried email and then went through their complicated "Secure Messaging" process to receive the instructions to withdraw my money from a Matured CD. To withdraw My Money I had to track down and send them the last 4 from the account I used to fund that CD AND I had to send them a color copy of a valid ID. I hope to get my money. If I cancel/Early Withdraw my other 2 Quontic that are one month old, I will be charged a fee equal to One Year's interest and actually LOSE Principal

Mar 2, 2024

i open bank accounts all the time and have over 25 online accounts at various banks. FIRST TIME A BANK HAS EVER REJECTED OPENING AN ACCOUNT! Tried a couple times just out of curiosity to make certain all my info was absolutely correct. Perhaps they are in the business of collecting personal info? "We are sorry. Unfortunately, we are unable to approve your account at this time. If you believe this decision was reached in error, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-908-6600. Thank you for your interest in Quontic." CAll? I would be an idiot to entrust you with any money.

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Bank gradeC+
Avg. user rating1.82
Current top rate5.05% APY6 Month CD

(800) 908-6600

Bank HQ: 3105 Broadway, Astoria, New York 11106
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